Webring for fedizens

Welcome o/

This webring is for the personal sites of any member of the fediverse (also known as fedizens). Head towards the bottom of the page to see a table of members or continue on to read the rules and how to join :)

Membership Rules

We accept pretty much any site as long as the owner has an account on fedi. However, we do draw the line at…

As it is impossible to list everything that would not be acceptable, we do reserve the right to deny requests. If you want to know whether your site is suitable for inclusion, send an email to the ticket tracker (address below) and we’ll take a look at it!

One of our requirements for joining is that you must have an HTTPS (TLS encryption is required) site on a clearnet domain. Paths are acceptable, e.g. sometilde.service/~username, but this webring is dedicated to clearnet, HTTPS sites. See our other *rings below for more platforms/protocols, such as Gemini.


First, add the fediring links to your site’s homepage, replacing YOURDOMAIN with your site’s domain.

Destination Link
Previous member https://fediring.net/previous?host=YOURDOMAIN
Next member https://fediring.net/next?host=YOURDOMAIN
Home page https://fediring.net

If you would like, you can also link to fediring.net/random; it directs visitors to a random site in the ring. This one is optional though.

Here’s some example HTML for linking to the next and previous ring members.

    <a href="https://fediring.net/previous?host=example.com"></a>
    <a href="https://fediring.net/">Fediring</a>
    <a href="https://fediring.net/next?host=example.com"></a>

It will look like this:


If your site is on a path rather than the root domain, you’ll need to URL-encode any special characters. For example, if Sam’s site is sometilde.com/~sam, she will need the following links on her page.

After that, simply send an email to ~amolith/fediring@todo.sr.ht (yes, that’s an email address) containing the following:

This will create a new ticket in our public issue tracker and notify maintainers so they can review it and get it added!

Please note that sites listed on the fediring without the links above are subject to removal. Removing these links from your site breaks the ring and ruins the experience for everyone; if ring administrators traverse the ring and notice that the links have been removed, they’ll remove your site from the ring and send you an email about it.

Additional *rings

We also operate a Gemini ring that’s accessible over this same domain: fediring.net.

If there’s interest, we might set up an Onionring for sites accessible over Tor, but we are unlikely to consider operating *rings for alternative protocols such as I2P, Freenet, Dat, Hypercore, etc.

Table of members

Fedi handle Site
@Craftplacer@pl.craftplacer.moe craftplacer.moe
@amolith@nixnet.social secluded.site
@rand@port.mk random.chars.jp
@sfr@ralsei.moe cronut.cafe/~sfr
@eric@federation.krowverse.services www.krowverse.services
@jbauer@bsd.network www.paritybit.ca
@cnx@nixnet.social cnx.srht.site
@spelk@linuxrocks.online spelk.online
@trechnex@mstdn.social trechnex.com
@chjara@mk.absturztau.be tuxcrafting.online
@jlj@social.nfld.uk nfld.uk
@volpeon@mk.vulpes.one volpeon.ink
@izaya@social.shadowkat.net shadowkat.net
@meduelelateta@mk.nixnet.social yari.fai.st
@puniko@mk.absturztau.be absturztau.be
@dendy@fedi.fai.st dendy.cat
@blog@blog.gijsgobje.nl blog.gijsgobje.nl
@cosminh@mastodon.social cosmin.hume.ro
@bbbhltz@fosstodon.org bbbhltz.codeberg.page
@awesomesheep48@fosstodon.org awesomesheep48.me
@Linux_in_a_Bit@linuxrocks.online sites.google.com/view/linuxinabit/
@flavigula@sonomu.club flavigula.net
@joel@fosstodon.org joelchrono12.xyz
@kubikpixel@chaos.social thunix.net/~kubikpixel
@bob@epicyon.libreserver.org libreserver.org
@jan_wagemakers@social.linux.pizza www.janwagemakers.be
@dsyates@fosstodon.org lottalinuxlinks.com
@dusk@awoo.fai.st dusk.fai.st
@babelcarp@social.tchncs.de babelcarp.org
@prijks@mastodon.technology www.esgeroth.org
@vyivel@outerheaven.club eclair.cafe
@tdarb@fosstodon.org tdarb.org
@Wivik@fosstodon.org blog.zedas.fr
@klaatu@mastodon.xyz gnuworldorder.info
@pepecyb8806@hub.pericles.hu pepecyb.hu
@mit_der_bolt_durch_bayern@mastodon.bayern mit.der.bolt.durch.bayern
@rick@mk.n0id.space n0id.space
@andrewkdinh@fosstodon.org andrewkdinh.com
@vulonkaaz@v2.flyingcube.tech vulonkaaz.flyingcube.tech
@fristi@mk.toast.cafe comfitu.re
@zachary@mastodon.online zacharyzollman.com
@aoi@miruku.cafe geshii.moe
@maya@occult.institute maya.land
@edel@fosstodon.org erzadel.net
@sanelkukic@im-in.space www.sanelk.dev
@supergrizzlybear@fosstodon.org grizzlybear.site
@theo@soc.webair.xyz webair.xyz
@shibao@misskey.bubbletea.dev bubbletea.dev
@cidney@social.city-of-glass.net cidney.org
@werwolf@fosstodon.org blackgnu.net
@lemon@udongein.xyz tilde.team/~lemon
@yarmo@fosstodon.org yarmo.eu
@faehnrich@bsd.network faehnri.ch
@Amber@toot.site cyborgtrees.com
@Seirdy@pleroma.envs.net seirdy.one
@zweiblatt@tilde.zone janw.name
@hamblingreen@fosstodon.org hamblingreen.gitlab.io
@neXtTech@nerdculture.de xwave.neocities.org
@baschdel@fedi.absturztau.be slatecave.net
@kura@z0ne.social kurabloodlust.eu
@remi@snug.moe remiiiiii.online
@twinkle@mk.absturztau.be mg138.github.io
@mkf@functional.cafe a.mikf.pl
@cri@mastodon.uy cri.cl
@pixouls@post.lurk.org pixouls.xyz
@wandering_girl@tech.lgbt wandering-girl.neocities.org
@cb@planet.chrisbeckstrom.com chrisbeckstrom.com
@kayden@fedi.nullob.si nullob.si
@Anselm@social.dev-wiki.de blog.tfiu.de
@crashserver@mamot.fr crashserver.fr
@forever@fedi.nullob.si me.amongtech.cc/fedi
@itzzenxx@pleroma.itzzen.net www.itzzen.net
@xeras@stop.voring.me xeras.amongtech.cc
@jenett@mastodon.online simply.jenett.org
@foxhkron@cybre.club sigsegv.cc
@m2m@indieweb.social minutestomidnight.co.uk
@koyuchan@koyu.space web.koyu.space
@vegardskjefstad@mastodon.social vegard.net
@getimiskon@udongein.xyz getimiskon.xyz
@eslerm@mastodon.social markesler.com
@roytang@mastodon.technology roytang.net
@fakefred@mastodon.technology fkfd.me
@leo_of_the_tisane@disqordia.space entangled-lydian-pleonasm.neocities.org
@af@mas.to afhub.dev
@ru@fosstodon.org rusingh.com
@polarhive@mastodon.social polarhive.ml
@obspogon@social.yesterweb.org obspogon.neocities.org
@oklomsy@social.linux.pizza oklomsy.com
@vib@snug.moe vibb.ro
@drwho@hackers.town drwho.virtadpt.net
@Gray@indieweb.social graystea.neocities.org
@ninja@pl.nudie.social nudeninja.blog
@kev@fosstodon.org kevq.uk
@swatantra@fosstodon.org rohitfarmer.github.io
@fury@koyu.space fury.hk
@dusnm@fosstodon.org dusanmitrovic.xyz
@revi@planet.moe revi.wiki
@stardust@fosstodon.org www.cynicusrex.com
@ashshuota@fosstodon.org asleepbynine.dev
@JamesMcK@fosstodon.org mck.is
@hamefang@weirder.earth hamefang.neocities.org
@hifumi@snug.moe lhfm.neocities.org
@folliehiyuki@fosstodon.org www.folliehiyuki.com
@darthkilroy@social.sturtz.cf darthkilroy.cf
@pixelroiber@mastodon.social pixelroiber.de/blog
@kepic@mk.nixnet.social kepic.win
@mardijker@sun.minuscule.space minuscule.space
@TheAndSys@koyu.space ampersandia.net
@austin@ieji.de austinhuang.me